Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visit Bettys Cafe Sanders - First KFC - without prescription -

Visit Bettys Cafe Sanders - First KFC - without prescription - Video Clips. Duration : 8.22 Mins.

In this video you will find Betty and her husband, Rick Sanders Cafe, the first and original KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant! The restaurant is located in Corbin, Kentucky - about 60 miles south of my home in Richmond, Kentucky. The restaurant was by Colonel Harland Sanders, who has developed a recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken with 11 herbs and spices and fry to a method using a pressure cooker chicken quickly, retains its moisture founded. The Colonel began his Kentucky FriedChicken franchise with 65 years, with his first Social Security check of $ 105 and has sold the franchise in 1964 for $ 2,000,000. It was later known as KFC, which currently has more than fast-food restaurants. In this video I show you to the restaurant, which contains a small museum. They are my version of "Kentucky Fried Chicken Popcorn" in a video later. Thanks for watching - Betty)!

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