Sunday, June 26, 2011

Broken Hope burned

Broken Hope burned Video Clips. Duration : 2.67 Mins.

Album, Swamped in Gore. Lyrics: Fire surrounds, searing flames licking, bum skin and hair, human flesh burning sweet, now sauteed, cooked alive by turning on the burning fire, the death agony, your heat Flames intensely flammable breath your soul, reduced body blackened charcoal, bowel hell are not so hot, Cremation eliminates rot the fabric blend in manure on fire, burned ... Head deep fries, fried brains and eyes, the skull, a pressure cooker, exploding fireball, Muscle andNow merged with the flesh to the bones bones and teeth, but nothing of creosote ash, dental identification in a flash, grilled, burnt and black as you burn, burned, is now belong to ashes in an urn organs, the gas ignited internal combustion went from within, singing inestines gristled rigid, such as napalm burns fat burning globs Crisco, steaming carcass, the end result a putrid pile.

Keywords: Death, metal, broken, hope, Incinerated

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