Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fissler Pressure Cooker Part: O-ring for Euromatic Valve

Fissler Pressure Cooker Part: O-ring for Euromatic Valve Review

Fissler Pressure Cooker Part: O-ring for Euromatic Valve Feature

  • O-ring for Fissler pressure cookers
  • For Euromatic valves only

Fissler Pressure Cooker Part: O-ring for Euromatic Valve Overview

Fissler Blue Point pressure cookers combine healthy nutrition with gentle cooking, since atmospheric oxygen is expelled and the cooking periods are quite short. Vitamins and minerals, as well as nutrients and flavor, are thus preserved. You can see and taste the difference. With Blue Point, you save up to 70% of the regular cooking time and as much as 50% of the energy traditionally used in cooking. Blue Point pressure cookers have two pressure levels, a gentle pressure level for cooking delicate food like vegetables and fish without destroying nutrients, and a speed pressure level for cooking meats and stews quickly. Blue Point pressure cookers are very unique in that they are completely silent. There is no unnerving rattling or hissing while pressure is inside. Once the oxygen is expelled and the valve locks into place, hardly any steam escapes into the air during the cooking process keeping the kitchen cooler. Because there is no steam, there are no cooking odors. Blue Point pressure cookers exceed the minimum safety requirements of Europe and the United States with patented innovative features such as the Euromatic safety valve, residual pressure block, interlocking lid, and automatic steam release. The CookStar all-stove base, comprised of a pure aluminum core and high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, ensures that the base that will never separate or warp. The energy-saving base also provides quick optimal heat distribution, diffusion, and storage without any hot spots. Safe for use on induction stoves and in the dishwasher. Limited lifetime warranty. Made in Germany.

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