Friday, May 20, 2011

small amount of gas loading wood stove.

small amount of gas loading wood stove. Video Clips. Duration : 2.12 Mins.

Fail but that's the way it goes when you try new things that I think those who can build these devices in the home appreciate what I'm trying, I tweak and successfully fire a cookie press with nothing more than branches and a push from appetizers to fire those parifin. It may not be working because I was using parifin and maybe have a wood stove has happened due to the combustion of hydrogen gas that is a wood effect. While the flame is impressive, it was notefficient for the expected result, I must say fail, but not easy, some adjustments and the next time the test will try to highlight where I put escessive smoke from smoke detector to make meetings.

Tags: low, cost, wood, gas, stove, test.

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