Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rajiv Dixit_Bharat swabhiman6.mp4

Rajiv Dixit_Bharat swabhiman6.mp4 On YouTube. On theabove link all the health related lectures are available. You may have to go on the next page on the same link. Those lectures are given by Rajiv Dixit. Please listen all the lectures, these lectures gives various health tips like : 0. Root causes for major diseases. 1. Do not use pressure cooker. 2. Do not use refrigerator. 3. Do not use aluminum vessels. 4. Do not use sugar. 5. Importance of trifala churna. 6. Food timings. 7. How to drink water and when to drink water? How much water we need to drink? 8. Which combination we should not eat which we should eat? 9. Importance of cow milk, ghee, urine, etc. 10. Reducing heart blockages in simple way. 11. Importance of jaggery(in hindi GUD) in food. 12. etc, etc. Lectures also explains some of the scientific reasons and results of experiments on some of the topics. You go through in following sequence : HOW TO BE STAY HAPPY & HEALTHY WITHOUT MEDICINE AND DOCTOR 1.mp3 to 8. बिना दवाई और डॉक्टर के कैसे स्वास्थ्य रहे 1.mp3 to 8. Barat swabhiman official website : Some info on Bharat Swabhiman :

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