Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aldo Nova - Is There Anybody There? / Dreamwalk

Aldo Nova - Is There Anybody There? / Dreamwalk Video Clips.

Nova's Dream is the sixth album by Canadian rock musician Aldo Nova, released in 1997. Track Listing: 1. My Soul To Keep 2. Is There Anybody There? 3. Dreamwalk 4. Are You Inexperienced? 5. Excuse Me While I Scream!! 6. The Pressure's Killing Me 7. Pressure Cooker 8. Falling Back/An Angel Whispered 9. Freedom 10. Where Am I Now? 11. Elaye 12. Dada 13. Coming Home 14. Lighting Up 15. Mary Jane 16. Carlito's Way 17. Wake Up!! 18. The End

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