Monday, August 8, 2011

Bisi Bele Bhat making it easier

Bisi Bele Bhat making it easier Video Clips.

Bisi bele bhat (or actually bisi bele Huli anna in kannada literally means hot lentil tamarind rice) is a very popular delicacy in southern Indian cuisine .. because there is a variety of ingredients that get it right a bit 'of an art .. requires one or two attempts to make it perfect .. Here's how it works: First, in a pressure cooker, boil the same amount of rice with toor from .. Add one of the favorite vegetables in general, potatoes, eggplants, beans, carrots, peas (Sweet peppers, also not shown here) .. You can select one or all. or nothing at all the vegetables and set aside ... then one or two or three (depending on whether you like it spicy) heaped teaspoons of powder in the mix tamarind juice nalgari .. and set aside .. then in a Kadai, heat some 'of cooking oil and add a little' dish of chickpeas with a couple of peanuts and karepak .. some options Hing (asafoetida) .. wait until fully roasted peanuts .. Then pour the tamarind juice into oil and waitfew minutes until the juice begins to boil .. At this point the cooked (rice + vegetables + by) in the mixture and mix thoroughly Kadai .. wait until the mass begins to boil and thicken a little '(thickens much more, once cooled) .. put out the fire .. Salt and some grated coconut .. and FOOD! Note: 'served with a little' of ghee, and even some Papads go well with him .. If necessary,

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