Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kooloo-Limpah! #043

Kooloo-Limpah! #043 On YouTube.

Fruity bridges, Operation Moonfall, and Canadian chipmunks! That's what mailbags are made of! [01:27] Larke12: What do you guys think about Link dying at the end of Skyward Sword? I doubt it will happen and don't want it to, but would Nintendo do it? [02:38] Jayemaye: Why doesn't Zelda have a medallion? Isn't she a sage too? [04:24] RxJar: How come link has gone from the hero that has no back story (Zelda 1- ALttP) to some school boy caught in a love triangle? [08:39] KVnintendogamer21: do you think majora's mask will be remade on the 3DS [11:17] bujok77: Nintendo is letting 3rd parties get involved with Zelda more and more these past few years. Capcom and Grezzo are examples. Do you think there will be any Zelda games entirely made by a 3rd party anytime in the near future? OPERATION MOONFALL: Music Credits: TP Remix - DJ Oaju Windmill Ocean Techno (???) Underworld Pressure Cooker - wRenchPilot (OCR) ----------------------------------------------- Send questions to: mailbag[at]knightsofhyrule[dot]org Send a video response! Leave a question in the comments section below! KNIGHTS OF HYRULE ZELDA ETERNITY

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